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For the adventurous traveler, adores history, or an enthusiast of modern and old architecture, then Georgia is a country that will satisfy the needs of every traveler. 

Here are the reasons some you should visit this adaptable country.

Georgian diverse cuisine

The food in Georgia is very diverse much like its landscape. There are vegetarian options too for this country with cuisine of mostly meat and dough-based. Khinkali is the national dish of Georgia — meat dumpling with a bit of the broth inside. For vegetarians, they can choose either with potato, mushroom, or cheese filling.

Khachapuri is a pizza-like cheese pie that is served at dinner, another local favorite.  There are variations of Khachapuri across a myriad of regions The meal is so common, that. read more about Georgian food rules at

Geography of Georgia

Georgia has different climate zones that include deserts, ski resorts, Black Sea coasts, and alpine zones despite its small size country. For those who simply enjoy stunning views of the Caucasus Mountain Range, the country is a paradise for hiking and camping lovers. For locals and tourists, breathtaking lakes, canyons, waterfalls or relax at its spa resorts are all available.

Affordable Destination

Each year, Georgia’s popularity as a destination increases and despite this positive outcome, it is still to be a budget-friendly destination. No fees are collected for most of the cultural and historical sights.

Visit Georgia

Experience Spa Georgia’s Style

The natural hot springs and spa resorts across its territory are Georgia’s gem. The first stop for many tourists is the sulfur baths in Tbilisi’s Abanotubani. Considered to be beneficial for skin and your well-being for the water at those baths are naturally hot at 40-degree Celsius.

Dwelling to the first European

The scholars have found a 1.7-million-year-old skull which happens to be the oldest evidence of a human habitation in Europe during archaeological excavations in Dmanisi. This discovery proves that there is almost a one million year gap between this and any European early-human habitat.

Taste the ancient method of making wine

Georgia is the oldest wine-making country in the world and that is a proven fact. With their own customary method in egg-shaped clay jars called qvevri, it is believed that Georgians have been making wine for at least 8,000 years.

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