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Our Amsterdam Trip

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When we first arrived in Amsterdam, our tour guide, Mr. Janssen, met us at the airport. He was an undeniably good looking and very amiable man. He was a well-informed tourist guide too, and he was fluent in English. He could also speak Dutch, German, as well as some French, and Italian. He drove and guided us to the best places and tourist spots in the country. He was an important and treasured part of our trip. Tourists from around the world appreciated and loved his more about Amsterdam at

During our trip, he entertained us with stories about Holland. We too, fell in love with the enchanted kingdom of the North Sea. Our admiration for the cities, the locals, the very relaxed lifestyle, the art, culture and heritage of the country grew fondly as we continued to discover its natural beauty. We were more than prepared to really discover and explore the land that rose from the sea by years of hard work and the help of huge man-made windmills.

We immersed ourselves in its magnificent glory every moment of each day in the course of our
much enjoyed expedition. We admired the soothing way of life of the locals and tried our best to blend in with the crowd.

Our talks were always merry and breezy, in conjunction with dinner, overflowing drinks and exquisite company. Out of the million English words to illustrate this awesome country, having its varying culture, unshackled lifestyle, exceptionally marvelous architecture, historical significance, pristine scenery, and exceptionally smart and amicable people, the most suitable definition would simply be an encouragement to go there in person.

Amsterdam seemed like a living art. My friends and I didn’t want to leave the place. We fell in love with the locals’ way of life. It was definitely a breath of fresh air.

Leona Richards

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